Band Rehearsal Studios

There are many bands around who need band rehearsal studios that are suitable for them in terms of both size and what they need. Here at Glasgow Music Studios we are a popular choice with many bands as we have different sized rehearsal studios which are suitable for different sized bands, we are also competitively priced and we can provide quality equipment too should you need us to.

We are located in the city centre and have good transport links nearby which makes it easier for people to get to our band rehearsal studios. Also with our studios being purpose built you can be certain that they will meet the high standards that you, our customer, would expect and deserve.

We have four band rehearsal studios for you to choose from:

  • the very small studio which is suitable for solo practice or for up to 3 people
  • the small studio which is suitable for solo practice or 3/4 piece bands
  • the medium studio which is ideal for bands of up to 6 people although it can hold more
  • the large studio which is ideal for larger bands/groups or if you just want extra space

These different band rehearsal studios can be set up according to your needs. The cost varies depending on the size of room that you take.

We have a team of staff around who can help you should you require it also, all you have to do is ask and they would be more than happy to. Whether you have a question you need answered or you need help with setting something up just let us know.

As well as being band rehearsal studios we offer much more too such as music lessons and studio parties. To find out more about these other services you can check out our website which gives much more information or you can give us a call on 0141 552 0907 and speak to one of the team.