Contemporary Piano Lessons Glasgow

Learning to play the piano can be quite rewarding. Not only is it fun to play the music but it also takes a lot of commitment and hard work. Having piano lessons will give you the ability to play a musical instrument as well as the ability to read music.

There are a number of benefits of going to piano lessons. At Glasgow Music Studios we believe that the most powerful benefit of piano lessons is the gain of a musical talent.

We have been providing piano lessons for some time now and have been coming from all over Glasgow to learn how to play contemporary pieces.

In our contemporary piano lessons we will cover:

[Beginner level]:

  • The key core skills to playing the piano easily
  • How to read contemporary music
  • Listening skills to improve playing by ear

[Intermediate level]:

  • Personal lessons that are suited to your aims and goals
  • Fun technical exercise and challenges to speed you up to the next level
  • Contemporary pieces that you want to learn
  • The skills and practice techniques that are required to learn how to practice with maximum effect

Our contemporary piano lessons are provided at our music studios in Glasgow City Centre. You will be able to get to and from the studios by bus, train or subway.

We aim to make our piano lessons affordable for anyone who wants to learn with us. We even have special offers on block bookings for these lessons.

To book a piano lesson with us or for more information feel free to send us an email at: