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Welcome to the first entry in my GMS blog. Over the last year the DJ Tuition that I offer within the fantastic Glasgow Music Studios facility has got busier and busier. So I thought it may be time to start a blog. I want to use this blog to tell you a bit more about me and my DJing experiences but also take the opportunity to pass on some of my trade secrets.

I started DJing when I was 19 years old. I was at University in Glasgow and it came down to two facts. I loved partying and I loved music, particularly house music. I had started collecting records after discovering house music a couple of years earlier (probably around 1988/1989). I grew up in Ayrshire and went out to night clubs in Ayr which was probably a stroke of luck as that was where Streetrave started which was to become the infamous Colours. So right from the start i was exposed to proper house and techno as Ricky and Jamsy managed to bring them to Ayr at the Pavillion. There was also the Kitsch nightclub which was my first exposure to a proper underground nightclub. Strobes, smoke, deep deep techno and house. And basically about 30 guys dancing in front of the dj box facing the DJ. Somethings dont change eh! 

How I actually got my first gig was off the back of a party I put on as a student. I still think that is the way to get yourself a proper DJ gig but we can cover that in future blogs. The party was in the Tunnel in Glasgow (only a year after it opened) and it was full. Me and my old cohort Deek managed to get 1500 people down. And naturally we did a bit of Djing ourselves. That was the beginning of a DJ career that has taken me all over the world. I have Djed all over the UK, Ireland, almost every country in Europe including Ibiza, South America, Australia, America , Japan and even deepest darkest Russia.

So how did I go from getting my first gig to travelling the length and breadth of the globe? Stay tuned to my blog to find out…