Electric Guitar Beginner Lessons Glasgow

Very Small StudioElectric guitars are a great choice for many musicians because you can play around with distortion and effects. This is ideal if you want to play more aggressive music, for example, metal and/or rock.

If you choose to use an electric guitar because it fits the style of the music that you are into it’s more than likely that you will tend to practice guitar more and more.

Here at Glasgow Music Studios we have years of experience in providing electric guitar beginner lessons.

We offer beginner one to one lessons that are tailored to suit your requirements and you will be able to play in a range of styles from rock and blues to pop and country electric guitar. By being able to learn from your favourite genre, you will develop both your technique and musicality.

As well as being able to offer beginner lessons on a one to one basis we can offer them as group classes, with our lessons being available at only £5 per lesson:

  • Kids beginner electric guitar class: Saturday 10am-11am
  • Adult beginner electric guitar class: Saturday 11am-12pm

Our beginner lessons are suitable for age 5 upwards. We have special offers on block bookings and will happily discuss these offers with you.

The experienced teachers at Glasgow Music Studios will turn the learning curve into a gentle slope and ultimately help you if you are struggling to make the link between the tablature on the page of an instruction book and the music that you hear.

So if you want to learn to play electric guitar or brush up on your skills then why not book a lesson at our studio in Glasgow today?