Glasgow Singing Lessons

Consider yourself the next Adele or Sam Smith? Or perhaps you are a budding vocalist for a jazz band? At Glasgow Music Studios you can start your vocal adventure and begin your journey to success today. Start your Glasgow singing lessons today and sing until your heart is content!

At Glasgow Music Studios, you can even have a Free Vocal MOT. The Free Vocal MOT allows you to check your scales and test phonetics whilst gaining advice from our professional singing teacher. This session consists of 15 minutes of singing and feedback, at no cost. If you like the friendly, encouraging environment at Glasgow Music Studios, you can then pick from the various lesson plans with our professional singing teachers.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, you can be assured that Glasgow Music Studios can cater for your vocal needs. Tailored lessons can be offered, which are organised to meet your own specific vocal goals. Additionally, lessons are available in all styles. From Blues to Jazz to Pop to Rock to Classical and many more, the choices are endless.

At Glasgow Music Studios we also offer personal one-to-one tuition. These sessions allow our professional singing teachers to focus on your individual voice and provide personalised exercises and techniques to further improve. No matter what age you are or what your level is, our professional singing teachers are here to coach you on your way to success.

Following your Free Vocal MOT or singing lessons, you may want to experience a real life recording studio. The coaches at Glasgow Music Studio can help you to learn your song and how best to use your voice before entering the studio to perform. With a variety of recording packages available and award-winning facilities, Glasgow Music Studios is the ideal place to show off your voice.

The recording studios at Glasgow Music Studios offer state of the art equipment, which can be modified to suit your budget. Each room is sound treated to create the perfect environment for you. Whatever genre you prefer, our singing teachers will help you to find your vocal range and then help to record it in these recording studios.

At Glasgow Music Studios we provide a relaxing and encouraging environment so that you and your voice can flourish through our Glasgow singing lessons. We want you to feel comfortable and supported in your vocal journey so that you can experiment and progress even further. If you are interested in singing lessons at Glasgow Music Studios then get in contact with us today to find out more.