Gms Live

GMS Live at The 13th Note

The next GMS Live night will take place on 3rd November at The 13th Note, Glasgow.

Tickets cost £4 each and can be purchased from Glasgow Music Studios (9 Osborne Street – across from The 13th Note.)   If you don’t have a ticket, you can still come along for £6 on the door.


Declan Welsh will be leading us into the night, with some good old Glasgow mentality and brilliant story driven songwriting.

The Moral Occult – Ramshackle folk-rock with a sprinkle of punk and a dash of the clearances.

Laserfox are four young musical dudes from Glasgow with DNA evolved from Saturday morning cartoons and low budget sci fi, on a futurist’ mission!
Formed in 2012, Laserfox erupt a sultry hurly-burly of big beats, shredding guitars, phat synthesizers and hook laden choruses.
The band debuted live on 12th of August at Glasgow’s Box and we have lots more material up our ample sleeves.

Our single “HOT WAR” and accompanying video can be seen and heard here:
Listen to more tracks here:

CHIB – An energetic blend of refined metal, Hardcore and anger, Chib are a four piece band from central Scotland.   Lock up your daughters and arm yourself to the teeth, because we are the soundtrack to your imminent death.