Guitar Lessons

Ever fancied yourself as the next Slash or Kurt Cobain? Well, soon you could be rocking your socks off with guitar lessons at Glasgow Music Studios!

Learning the guitar is an art that requires precision, dedication and passion for music. Once you’ve mastered the art of guitar playing though there really is no stopping you. Once you’ve learnt how to play an instrument it’s like riding a bike, you really won’t forget how.

Why not impress your friends and jam along to your favourite tunes, you could be the next entertainer of your group and lift the spirits of your friends? Whether you simply want to learn a few chords to accompany your singing or desire expert training to really get yourself up to speed Glasgow Music Studios have the expert knowledge to have you playing in no time.

You’ll initially begin with a brief overview of the absolute essentials, learning how to tune a guitar, read music and strum a simple chord. These aspects may seem very straight forward but without mastering these skills, it can be difficult to reach your optimum level of guitar playing.

You’ll then move on to learn a variety of techniques to play a great spectrum of songs finding the skills that really separate a beginner guitarist to an expert. With flexibility of lesson times and the number of visits, Glasgow Music Studios allows you to take charge of your own musical journey.

You can learn to play blues, electric and country styles of music to really impress your friends.

From beginners scales to holding the pick right, every aspect combines to create the greatest of sounds. Find your own style and you could soon be writing or singing your own songs with our guitar lessons. The more scales you learn, the greater variety of music you’ll be able to play.

With the incredibly welcoming atmosphere of Glasgow Music Studios, you’ll feel completely relaxed throughout your Guitar lessons. There’s no need to feel embarrassed or anxious as the staff here are incredibly welcoming and friendly. Guitar lessons should be about having fun, enjoying the music and expressing yourself through the songs that you love. Escape from the world for a moment and relish in the beautiful sound of guitar. Who knows, it could be the talent you never knew you had!

For more information on guitar lessons in Glasgow, contact Glasgow music studios today and you could start a whole new lease of life.