Music Lesson Christmas Gift Glasgow

2 Hour Recording

We’ve all been there, only weeks to go until Christmas and absolutely no idea what to get your friends and loved ones as a gift. It’s a stressful time of year, and the unofficial gift giving competition makes it all that much more worse. Instead of giving up and buying your sister a New Look Gift Voucher, why don’t you buy her some guitar lessons? Swap the bath bombs you are planning on buying your mum for some drumsticks and buy her some drum lessons as a new form of catharsis. Or you can buy your dad the singing lessons he has always secretly wanted. Music lessons are a Christmas gift on offer from Glasgow Music Studios, and are the gift that keeps on giving. Giving your loved ones access to a new skill is something that they will treasure for a lifetime.

Glasgow Music Studios offer music lesson christmas gift vouchers in the following areas;

  • DJ Lessons
  • Drum Tuition
  • Taster Electronic Music Creation
  • Recording Experience
  • Singing Lessons
  • Guitar Tuition
  • Piano Tuition
  • Monetary Voucher

Not only will these lessons give the learner a new skill that they can take with them, but it will also give them a boost in confidence and a new outlet to explore their creativity. It has been widely reported that experiences make for better gifts than material goods and will give more long lasting happiness. It’s something different rather than sticking to an average gift and opens up more opportunities in the future for children in particular. If you can play an instrument, you can join a band or attend events for musicians. It opens up a whole new world for you to explore.

Our music lesson Christmas gifts in Glasgow are perfect as a last-minute gift as well. This is because Glasgow Music Studios allow you to purchase your gift online. We give you the opportunity to personalise the gift voucher by adding a message and sending it instantly via email, text or post. Any gift vouchers sent via text or email are instantly delivered and you can buy them at the very last minute, meaning you no longer have to panic if you remember you forgot to purchase something for someone on the night before Christmas.

If you think that your friends and family would love a music lesson as their perfect Christmas present, our tuition is top-quality and conducted by tutors who have a passion for music. For more information please feel free to get in contact with us on 0141 552 0907 or via email at You can also buy our vouchers by clicking here.