Music Lessons

We regularly have people coming to us looking for music lessons. Some of these people are beginners who are looking to learn an instrument while others are more advanced and are wanting some advice and guidance from the team of expert tutors that we work with.

The music lessons that we offer includes:

  • singing lessons
  • guitar lessons
  • bass guitar lessons
  • piano lessons
  • drum lessons
  • saxophone lessons
  • DJ lessons
  • electronic music production lessons
  • sound engineering lessons
  • rap lessons
  • beatboxing lessons

The list above mentions some of the music lessons that we offer, for the full list though you can check out our website. Here you can read more information about the different music lessons too and the costs involved with each.

These music lessons are carried out by professional teachers who are experts in their field. They are all disclosure enhanced. We can also offer child and adult music lessons in a variety of instruments.

We provide a friendly, welcoming environment when you come to our premises as we want everyone to feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. The lessons are tailored to your needs and everyone is welcome regardless of the level they are at. You can book any of our music lessons through our website or by calling us on 0141 552 0907 and speaking to a member of staff.

On our website too there are customer reviews available for you to read so that you can see what others say about us. This puts peoples minds at ease and can help them when it comes to selecting what is right for them.

We are located in the city centre so there are good transport links nearby, meaning you don’t have to worry about how you can get to and from our music studios.

So, if you have any questions that you would like to ask or if there is something that you can’t see on our website then just call us up and ask about it. Our staff are always happy to help.