Course Description:

In four lessons the Advanced DJ Masterclass will cover the

  • Beatmatching using the pitch control (appliable on Vinyl Decks,
  • CDJs and Controllers)
  • Looping
  • Use of FX and Sampler
  • Programming a DJ Set
  • Introduction to production – Use of Abelton Live and Logic Pro
  • Making a professional recording of your DJ mix
  • Promoting yourself as a DJ using websites such as Soundcloud and Mixcloud
  • Introduction to Editing tracks for DJ purposes.

*Please note that pupil wishing to book Advanced DJ Masterclass will have to have taken DJ Masterclass (or equivalent of 4 DJ
Lessons) at Glasgow Music Studios*

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Advanced DJ Masterclass
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Advanced DJ Masterclass

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Take the introduction course to prepare you for the advanced stuff!

Terms & Conditions

-These lessons are four one-to-one private lessons.
-Set up and breakdown time is included in the lesson time. Teaching will last 50-55 minutes.
-The pupil is expected to practice between lessons, if expecting to be able to DJ professionally after these 4 lessons.
-Owning DJ equipment is advised for being able to develop skills faster. The tutor will be able to offer advice on this.
-Our standard Terms and Conditions also apply.

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