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Course description:

In four lessons, the student will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of standard DJ equipment.
  • This will include mixers, Pioneer CDJs, Technic’s Vinyl Decks and Digital DJ Setups, including Traktor and Serato.
  • Learn the fundamentals of mixing, including the hallowed skill of beatmatching.
  • Learn different techniques of controlling the mixer, including blend mixing and cut mixes.
  • Learn how to build a DJ set using music they already own and love.
  • Learn about the structure of dance music / Beats, Bars and Phrasing.
  • Learn how to record their set and start their journey to becoming a professional DJ.

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Junior DJ Masterclass
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Terms and Conditions

-The 4 lessons constitute 4 one-to-one lessons of 30 mins with DJ tutor Stevie Sole Middleton.
-Lessons last 25 minutes.  This is to allow time for set up and breakdown.
-These lessons will give the pupil the basic tools to DJ in public.
-We would expect the pupil to practice in their own time between lessons.
-Though not a requirement, we would recommend that the pupil procures or has access to DJ equipment to hone their skills.  The tutor can provide advice on this.
-Our standard Terms and Conditions also apply.

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