Tutor: Stevie Sole Middleton

2 hour class taught in one session.

Two hour intensive course covering all the basics of Ableton Live.

No experience or equipment necessary but would be beneficial for the pupil to have access to a computer with Ableton Live installed and to be computer literate.

Classes will last around 105 minutes. This allows for a 10 minute break and also a 5 minute window for studio set up at beginning.

The course content is a guide only and the pupil will progress through this at their own pace. If pupils wish to focus on specific aspects of the course they will need to let the tutor know in advance.

Students will hopefully learn:

– Overview of Ableton
– Browser: devices, session and arrange view
– Warping explained
– Percussion: warping loops, warp markers
– Clip envelopes: events, automation
– Keyboard shortcuts
– Live packs
– Drums: kits, Impulse, quantize
– Creating self contained projects
– Layered Drums: multiple Impulse kits
– Quantize, groove and swing
– Structure: breakdowns, larger sections
– Arrangement: how parts co exist
– Arrangement types: songs, tracks

Coming soon: Ableton Live Masterclass

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