Tutor: Dominic Martin

2 hour class taught in one session.

The course requires no prior knowledge of music software. It would be beneficial if the pupil had access to a computer that had Logic installed on it and was also computer literate.

Classes will last around 105 minutes. This allows for a 10 minute break and also a 5 minute window for studio set up at beginning.
The course content is a guide only and the pupil will progress through this at their own pace. If pupils wish to focus on specific aspects of the course they will need to let the tutor know in advance.

Students will hopefully learn:

– The Production Process: the skills required to produce from initial idea to final master
– Comprehensive overview of Logic Pro
– Working with projects in Logic Pro
– The interface: navigation, library and controls
– Library, file and preset management
– Working with audio and MIDI files
– MIDI Editing
– Recording and editing Audio
– Introduction to Drum programming
– Sequencing techniques
– How to use Logic EQ and Mixer
– Introduction to FX; Send & return FX
– Basic Arrangement techniques

Pupils can take the Logic Masterclass after this introductory course.

Purchase Introduction To Logic Pro – £82

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