Tutor: Stevie Sole Middleton

2 hour class taught in one session.

Two hour class introducing the pupil to the principles and software associated with Electronic Music Production. Start on your journey to be the next Calvin Harris by learning the basics behind making dance music.

No musical ability is required for this course.

Being computer literate and having access to a PC or Mac is essential.

This course is an ideal companion to our DJ Masterclass and Advanced DJ Masterclass courses.


The course will cover:

– Introduction to the basic tools used in the production of electronic music
– Introduction to the industry standard music software  – Ableton Live and Logic Pro
– learn the basics of editing audio files
– learn the basics of midi
– learn how to manipulate audio files using audio plug-ins
– learn how to create music using virtual instruments and soft synthesisers
– learn how to make your own personal edit of an existing track

Courses on Ableton Live are available upon request. Please call us to discuss on 0141 552 0907.

Purchase Introduction to Electronic Music Production – £82

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