Tutor: Dominic Martin

2 hour class taught in one session.

Two hour intensive course covering all the basics of Native Instruments Maschine. Pupil will require access to a Native Instruments Maschine and associated software.

Classes will last around 105 minutes. This allows for a 10 minute break and also a 5 minute window for studio set up at beginning.
The course content is a guide only and the pupil will progress through this at their own pace. If pupils wish to focus on specific aspects of the course they will need to let the tutor know in advance.

Students will hopefully learn:

– overview of Maschine, explaining how the software and hardware work and demonstrating all of the main features
– pattern creation
– editing and quantizing patterns, adjusting velocity values
– creating groups using sound slots
– editing samples to use in sound slots
– using various pad modes in maschine
– this includes fixed velocity mode, 16-velocity mode, keyboard mode and step mode
– how scenes work
– how you can realtime jam, or arrange and play an entire song from start to finish
– how Maschine’s Sampling facility can be used to add your own sounds to
– how to slice up larger samples and assign them to Maschine’s pads
– learn innovative ways of performing live or producing using maschine
– how to apply effects processing to sounds within Maschine
– a guide to the range of effects on offer and how to use them

Coming soon: Maschine Masterclass

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