Saxophone Lessons Glasgow

When it comes to music lessons, there is a ton of bias towards opting for ‘cool’ instruments. By cool, we mean instruments that typically appear in a rock band. You know; drums, guitars, the bass, that sort of thing. However, we believe that there is no instrument cooler than a saxophone. The appearance of this woodwind instrument in any piece of music instantly gives it a lot more soul and makes it sound a whole lot better. Could you imagine ‘Careless Whisper’ without that iconic saxophone rift at the start? It would be naff. Glasgow Music Studios offers saxophone lessons in Glasgow so that you can go against the grain and learn how to play one of the coolest instruments around.

The reason that we love the saxophone so much is that it is such a versatile instrument that produces such a rich sound. If you partake in our saxophone lessons in Glasgow, you could play soul, funk, jazz, pop, folk, rock or even rap music. There is no style of music that isn’t enhanced by the smooth tones of a saxophone. It doesn’t fade into the background either; a saxophone is somewhat of a statement instrument. It is truly unique and can elevate an okay song to becoming a great one. Music trends come and go, but the power of the saxophone has always remained.

Learning an instrument is a fantastic skill. Not only does it allow you to have a fun hobby or even a career in music, but it also comes along with a host of other benefits. Learning music can help improve your memory and your mathematics skills. If you learn as a child, this will be advantageous for school. However, we’ve found that adults can always do with some extra memory assistance as well. Learning an instrument is also a great social exercise and it means that you will have a whole new group of people to connect with. With your newfound talent, you could join a band or even just jam casually. It’s needless to say that you won’t regret signing up for some saxophone lessons in Glasgow.

We’d be lying to you if we said it was the easiest instrument to learn. It does take some effort to master the basics and to move on to playing songs. However, once you’ve got it down, you’re part of a very elite club. It seems that everyone can play drums or acoustic guitar nowadays. The same isn’t true of the saxophone. You don’t have to worry too much about the difficulty. Our saxophone lessons in Glasgow are taught by an amazing new instructor; Kornelijus Pukinskis. He’s happy to teach everyone and anyone regardless of previous experience. Both total novices and seasoned professionals are welcomed to come and learn. You can purchase a one-to-one saxophone lesson for just £35, or purchase a block of three for £90. For more information, please feel free to get in contact. Our team is delighted to help you.