Voiceover Recording

Voiceover RecordingHere at Glasgow Music Studios we can provide voiceover recording as a service to people looking for this. We have great facilities which enables us to do voiceovers so whatever your project, we can help.

At our studio we:

  • have a vocal booth which has been custom designed for sound isolation
  • have sound engineers who are experienced in voiceovers
  • have a database of voice talent so you can choose what suits your project
  • have dial-in to direct the sessions using skype
  • send audio files quickly and securely via we transfer

We have worked with many clients including the NHS, Scotrail, Diageo, Tron Theatre helping them to create adverts and apps etc. We take pride in everything that we do so you can be certain that if you come to us for voiceover recording that you will be using experienced professionals who are very thorough. We listen closely to voiceovers to ensure that all audio is to a high standard as that is what we would expect. We watch out for odd breaths, page rustling, missed words, lip smacks and plosive sounds.

Voiceover recording is read from a script by a specialist team or individual, it is used for video games, production, films, messages, announcements as well as much more. People have to be suited to the project that they are needed for whether it be bringing an animated character to life or someone to tell a story. We look for a quick turnaround on all projects that we undertake and like to work with people who are friendly, helpful, keen and engaging.

Our qualified engineers will ensure that the booth is set up correctly for the task in hand, making sure the microphone and equipment levels are all correct so you get the best sound quality that you possibly can for the project.

We have many great reviews from our satisfied customers, these customers continue to use us for the different services that we offer and they also recommend us to others. They comment positively on our hardworking, helpful staff.

If you have any questions on voiceover recording or if you would like to book in for this service then why not contact us today.

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